About us


GUIAN is first of all a name well established in the marine insurance sphere of Le Havre since 1931. In 1931, René Guian established in Le Havre as “sworn marine insurance broker”. Offices were then opened in Paris, Marseille, Saint Malo and in Vendée.
GUIAN is synonym of experts’ assessment, proximity with its clients, trust-based relationships established on long-term basis with a strong field culture. GUIAN’s team is made of specialists with experimented profiles and various backgrounds, sometimes coming from the professional universe of its clients.

Photo credit : François Louchet®

At the end of March 2018, the company GUIAN became part of the group SEASECURE, along with SEASECURE SA and SEASECURE SARL. GUIAN and SEASECURE have similar activities with complementary geographical implementations and different clients’ profiles. This rapprochement of the two entities is financially reinforced by the creation of the holding SEASECURE Group. Both brands SEASECURE and GUIAN will develop their activities by sharing their territorial network in France, in Switzerland (Geneva) and in West Africa (Abidjan). In total, this team of 45 people with complementary knowledges, will propose its increased technic and geographical proximity to the marine industry.