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The role of the broker is not only to offer the solutions available on the market. Through its understanding of the issues and risks of its customers, it also aims to build solutions and relevant services, tailored, optimized and constantly evolving

Claire LASSERRE, Commercial Director

Blue water

Cable layers, offshore equipment, dredgers, supply vessels, oil and gas companies, cruise ships and passenger vessels are insured through GUIAN with French and European leading markets, selected for their financial security and knowledge of your industry…


Inland vessels

GUIAN is one of leading insurance brokers companies acting in inland waterways transportation. The specialized insurers of the market rely on the know-how of our teams for the insurance management of the main operators, logisticians and French shipowners.


Fishing industry

Reliant on natural resources and regulatory development, a hazardous profession for ships and for seamen, industrial or artisanal fishing is also a specialty of GUIAN. Our insurance solutions for seamen, vessels…


Cargo Insurance

Importer, exporters, trading companies, our team offers insurance solutions for the risks of damages and financial losses…



GUIAN SA as developed AQUASECURE insurance contract covering the mortality risk of aquaculture life stock for onshore or offshore farming and hatcheries…


Pleasure craft and ocean racing

GUIAN offers innovative solutions for the construction and navigation of pleasure and ocean racing units.


Port operators

Handling companies, logisticians and actors of the port life are the customers of GUIAN and its subsidiary NCA…


Business Risks

The GUIAN team takes part in securing the risks generated by the exploitation of your companies, the risks related to corporate officers…


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