Howden Marine offers insurance solution for aquaculture: AQUASECURE.

This insurance solution that has been specifically developed to guarantee the mortality risks of aquaculture stocks.


Our perfect knowledge of this sector of activity with a dedicated specialist allows us to offer one of the most efficient contracts on the market, systematically adapted to the particularities of each site.


Today, we are insuring grow-out farms such as hatcheries, Offshore or Onshore farms, as well as RAS systems.


We offer a full range of coverage such as: diseases, pollution, climatic events, algal blooms, mechanical or electrical breakdowns, theft, vandalism, etc.,

We have developed our own AquaSecure insurance contract with which we work today all over the world. Our technical expertise, recognized by insurers, allows us to offer insurance conditions adapted to each farm, according to its specificities.


Today we insure all species of fish: salmon, trout, sea bass, sea bream, tuna, amberjack, barramundi, tilapia, etc… and we are present all over the world.


Do not hesitate any longer and join the many breeders who have already entrusted us with the insurance of their fish.


Contact our specialist Cédric Audor directly: [email protected] to let him know your needs.