GUIAN SA as developed AQUASECURE insurance contract covering the mortality risk of aquaculture life stock for onshore or offshore farming and hatcheries.
Our knowledge of your business allows us to offer one of the most efficient contracts on the market.

AquaSecure is a livestock insurance contract specifically developed for aquaculture risks.

Our knowledge of your business allows us today to offer one of the most successful contracts on the market.

The AquaSecure contract includes:

  • a range of complete coverage (diseases, pollution, climatic events, etc.),
  • a premium calculated on the average value at risk and not on the maximum,
  • a non-disaster rebate system
  • a contract built on agreed values

AquaSecure is the name of our tailor made aquaculture livestock policy for for fishfarmers.

With our insurers’ 20 years’ experience in aquaculture insurance, you will have the benefit of an insurance policy that will suit your needs.

Your fish will be insured from time they arrive on site. No 15-day waiting period before cover starts.

Our policy is not subject to any official Natural Disaster Declaration. So even if the official Authorities do not declare Natural Disaster status, you will still be covered for this kind of event.

Our policy is based on an agreed value between you and the insurers in order to avoid any difficulties in the event of a claim. Such agreed value will be negociated before the beginning of the coverage.

We will design your cover in collaboration with a Consultant who is familiar with your sector and who will amend your policy in your best interests.

Our Wording : ‘AquaSecure’