Blue water


Cable layers, offshore equipment, dredgers, supply vessels, oil and gas companies, cruise ships and passenger vessels are insured through Howden Marine with French and European leading markets, selected for their financial security and knowledge of your industry.

Commercial vessels

French armaments, and their brokers, are present in all sectors of maritime activity: oil, gas, chemical tankers, bulk carriers, container ships and ferries provide transport in all geographical areas of the world.

Technological innovation and diversification help to maintain a market share of nearly 100 million tonnes of freight.

The vast majority of Ship Owners have a permanent challenge of cost optimization and quality standards. To support them, insurance programs are constantly improved and adapted to the economic requirements.


Cablers, specialized vessels

Discover, innovate, explore, assist are the activities of ‘specialized vessels’. Designing insurance coverage tailored to all these diversities is a real attraction for a marine insurance broker.

The implementation of Specialist Operations guarantees requires the use of insurers and qualified experts in the fields of dredging, towing, underwater installation and maintenance.


The actors of the gas market, clean and non-polluting energy, confirm today their hope in accelerating the growth of the needs of this energy.

Sea transport of gas contributes significantly to the development of new markets. The very high technicalities mastered by LNG (liquefied natural gas) or LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) carrier gas carriers make it possible to safely and liquid transport LNG at about -160 ° C and LPG as propane at about -45 ° C, or as butane at about -5 ° C.

This high-tech maritime transport requires specialized expertise in the development of insurance programs for ships and transported cargoes.


Shipbuilding and repair

As a corollary of the risks specific to construction, two guarantees stand out but sometimes overlap, that of the civil responsibilities and that of the goods entrusted for repair or maintenance.

Whether you are the shipowner or the shipyard it is important to discuss with your broker, as early as possible, the contractual commitments and the technical means envisaged.

These risk analyzes are decisive for building insurance programs and avoiding ruinous litigation and subsequent conflicts of interest.


Offshore / transferable / submarine equipment

For more than 30 years, French companies have been offering a complete range of integrated submarine products and services worldwide.

From the construction of next-generation platforms to very deep installations, technology is constantly evolving in the summarized areas of Design, Manufacturing, Installation.

Robots (ROV), working submarines (AUV) and installation or burying equipment are the subject of special attention as their insurance guarantees that must adapt to technological developments.